Delta Robot : Success-ish

I’d like to call my first Delta robot finished. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a prototype… so what evs.

What I learned: The skinny arms attached to the head need to be EXACTLY the same length… or else they will twist all wonky. This doesn’t impair movement really… but it just makes the thing look like it’s drunk. Also, if you’re using plastic, make sure it wont give at all. Tupperware was an ok start, but any give in your connections will make movement a lot less sharp… and the robot again moves like its drunk. So next time I’ll take it slower and make sure all my measurements are precise, and my connections are STRONG.

The hobby ball joints worked alright, I’m likely to try out swivel ball links instead for my next trick… and I’m going to knock my pushrod size down from 4-40 to 2-56.

My next delta will be faster, more accurate, and tiny so it’s cuter too. I’ll be constructing three at once this time, so in the end I’ll have a small array of synchronized dancing deltas… a start to the fields I plan on making eventually.

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