Delta Array : Materials Cometh

I stood staring out the window as the mailman pulled the little red package from his basket of spam. I knew it was mine and had only to wait until he finished stuffing the mailbox full of crap before I had those LEDs and tiny red boards in my hands.

And so, I received my baggie of RGB SUPER FLUX piranhas… and a stack of tiny 5×5 protoboards to mount them too. They fit right in the center and look smashing:

These guys will go on the end effector of each delta with a clear lens over them.

Yesterday out of sheer curiosity I wandered inside of this strange place called The Container Store… and was pleasantly surprised to find that in spite of the lame name, it provided me with a zillion creative material options. I got my electrical housing (I’ll be using the flat cylindrical lids for mounting my servos on) as well as some nifty little clear color boxes that look like jello, which I’ll try out as lenses for my LEDs. OH, and more hangers as you’ve seen me jerry-rig as servo arms in previous posts:

I also got goggles (but I wear glasses? So I’m not sure why I bought them…) Yay!

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