Delta Robot : The Base and Arms

Today I made the arms for my delta robot ! I originally was planning on using aluminum for these pieces but it was a pain grinding through the material with my mighty Dremel… It took me more than a few minutes to make each cut and the metal heated up quite a bit.

I was getting discouraged about the prospect of drilling free handedly through this stuff, so I went on youtube to find out any tips on drilling through metal. It was around then that I saw a black plastic hanger laying on the ground near my bed and decided to use it to make my arms instead.

The video above is me testing out the structure so far with a code which allows you to control the robot with a GUI in processing. For the code I used, check out this guy’s blog:

Matt Greensmith’s Ramblings

TOMORROW…… Delta will be in one piece.

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  1. Great to see someone actually making use of my code, I think you’re the first. Are you planning on publishing your final accelerometer/touchOSC code for this bot? Would love to see it on GitHub!


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