Delta Robot : Base and Arms 2

Ok, so I uploaded some test code to the robot yesterday after all was assembled to find out rather quickly that I had attached the motors wrong. The arms were sticking out at all the wrong angels causing the whole thing to look like it had fallen down stairs. I have no idea how I didn’t realize earlier that this design was going to fail, or why I even aligned them the way I did in the first place, but lesson learned. When attaching your servos to the base here is what to do and what not to do… if for some reason you think like me:

I did remake a new base today out of a take-home container. We have millions of them around my house so I chose a shallow circular dish with a flat bottom

I drew an equilateral triangle in the middle and then cut out a strip at the half way point of each side, each about 3/4 of an inch thick… these slots are for arm clearance:

When I was finished mounting the motors to the bowl… it looked like this. I used little plastic L brackets to screw the motors in place:

The take-out bowl is a little flimsy in the center which isn’t ideal, but for now this will do until I find something better. The design works well which is what matters.

Next step: The end effector and the swivel jointed arms!

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  1. That makes a lot of sense. I couldn’t picture it when you explained it at all. I would imagine it’s a fairly common misconception.

  2. Nifty. Sounds like you could use some laser cut acrylic. Now if only you knew of a local hackerspace with a laser cutter… hmmm..

    • =F I think I’ve heard of this one place……. tehe. But yeah, tupperware isn’t ideal obviously. Laser cut acrylic or even masonite would be better looking and definitely a lot stronger. I can’t wait until you guys get things up and running!

      Thanks for checking out my page btw


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