Has Discovered the Dremel

Today I bought a Dremel. HOW COME NO ONE HAS EVER TOLD ME ABOUT THESE THINGS?? I mean, it has never occurred to me in the past to google “miniature all in one metal shop” so how could I have assumed that something so helpful existed? Having one would have saved me a lot of trouble and limitation. If you don’t know what they are, which many of my friends did not, it’s a little machine that looks like an electric toothbrush yet comes with a zillion versatile attachments that do everything from cut steal, drill holes, to carving and polishing. If you make robots at home like me and have gone on believing that you are stuck depending on a college shop room to do all your modifications… go to Home Depot and change your life now! The highest end model is nice and will cost you about 100 bucks, but you can pick one up that is equally as powerful for half the price. Do it. They make sparks.

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