THE HOT SPOT: Creating gap where there’s heat

she bon shebon hot spot creating gap where there's heat


As the name suggests, this augment involves heat… and a spot

If you’re familiar with the other modules part of this project, then you know the drill. This device senses something from the part of the body it is designed for, and then utilizes that part of the body to indicate that which is sensed. I get extra credit if I can create a feedback loop with a totally unintentional byproduct of pleasurable stimulation… So here we go! Challenge: THIGHS


INPUT: Body temperature… specifically the atmosphere between my thighs; a place very likely to exhibit temperature fluctuations for a number of reasons.


OUTPUT: an elevation in body temperature beyond a designated threshold will activate a geared motor or winch mounted on either hip. The winch will tug on a kevlar tendon stitched through the length of a suction-cup-like tentacle whose cups adhere to the surface area of either half of my… butt. When the winch winds, the tendons should be pulled taught, tugging the flesh of my checks apart from one another. At the point when separation is achieved, a light will shine through the gap that’s created, backlighting the negative space formed by this action.

she bon shebon hot spot creating gap where there's heat

Once the gap is formed, this will allow the free flow of air into the open space. This will cool the area below the triggering threshold and trigger the system to unwind the winch, releasing the cheeks.

Think of Moses… parting the Red Sea. Think of any of those action…. Sci-fi……… adventure films where the ocean separates into two solid walls with nothing but a vertical slice in between. I want that. This is my goal.


At some point in time, there was a discussion amongst my friends about ass grabbing. We concluded that not all ass-grabs are equal.

Just like anything else, there is a satisfying way to do it and a shitty way to do it. Throughout my life, I have predominantly been subject to the latter, but I luckily know of at least one person who is pro in the ass-grabbing department.

Stop laughing I’m totally serious about this. There is nothing more disappointing and rapey than a lackluster ass squeeze from someone who is blatantly using your body in a one-sided effort to get themselves excited.

If your goal is to stir the person whose flesh you are handling, as well it should be… then consider this method as a suggestion the next time you give someone a tushie squeeze.

she bon shebon hot spot creating gap where there's heat

It’s not about the squeeze. It’s all in a firm grip… and a slight pull. The pull is key. If you are a female receiving this particular ass-grab, the pull should peal apart the flesh in-between your legs just enough to suggest the idea of something more with the physical sensation produced.

I’ll call it the “squeeze and lift” (only because “grip and tug” lends itself more to a completely different act)

Now then. Both of those terms are descriptive enough to form ideas regarding what sort of mechanical motion might come into play. Plenty of mechanisms are capable of different types of squeezing/gripping actuation, as well as lifting/tugging. The question becomes, which will work in the butt… context.

We are talking about a wearable here, so this device can’t inhibit me from walking, and ideally……… it shouldn’t prevent me from sitting down either.

It should also look cool. Aesthetics matter in this game.

TO COME FULL CIRCLE: the reason why I’m trying to mechanically replicate this satisfying ass grab in particular, is that it happens to produce that thigh separation I’ll need in order to shine the light through my gap. Savvy?


I like octopuses. They’re hickey aliens of the sea. I saw this video around the same time all of this was coming together in my head:

Attaching to the butt: Channeling inspiration from their natural attachment mechanisms (suction), my minds eyes saw something like a bathmat, or dish sink mat with suction cups on one side as the material that would adhere in long strips to the contours of my butt:

I have a few varieties of this sort of thing coming in the mail soon. I plan to cut them into strips, creating a line of suction cups from the attachment point of the pulling force, down along the desired path of motion.

The matter of sticking (in leu of sucking): It isn’t likely that this thing (or anything I end up buying to play around with)  will stick to my skin with suction alone; not while being tugged on by a winch at least.

It was suggested to me that I look into medical adhesive as a cheat. So I am.

The tendon: Noodle’s shape daddy also suggested that I use Kevlar thread as my pulley tendon. It’s strong and more flexible that wire rope, so it’s been ordered as well.

motorized actuation: Lastly… there is the matter of the winch (or very geared torquey motor). I only need to pull the tendon a small amount, I’m guessing between 6 – 12 cm, but it’s going to take a bit of force to displace the flesh.

I don’t want TOO MUCH power however… as I’m not trying to rip my ass in half. I just want a nice strong but subtle motion.


I have homework to do and some fun R&D ahead of me. If any of this interests you, I will be streaming various tasks throughout the week as my materials arrive in the mail from the Amazon fairy. 🙂

The streaming will take place on my channel: GravityRoad

As always, I appreciate the support of my patrons on Patreon. This time of year, their honey money is pretty much my primary source of income. They are the life blood of projects like this <3

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