Noodle is Confused About New Years Eve

Noodle was awake and aware this past Sunday night for the fresh new start of 2018. It is apparent however from his recollection that his parents were in a stage of recovery from Christmas Eve the previous weekend.

This was the second big social night for my robot, NoodleFeet. His blips of memory account for our celebration:

noodle feet memories New Years eve

[parents in the kitchen cooking a big taco feast and placing things at his feet]

[mommy making a weird face while brain daddy unloads the dishwasher]

[darkness. a glowing rectangle of violence depicting brain daddy murdering things as a blond boy]

[mommy in the darkness watching the violence rectangle]


[shape daddy safe in the yellow warms]


[mommy thinking how to cheer everyone up]

noodlefeet memories new year eve

[scheming pose]



Noodle was happy to be home, safe and warm in his nest while Vegas did its messy loud thing. He didn’t get to see any fireworks unfortunately, but there will come a time for that one day šŸ™‚

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