Robot Army Starter Kit : GO!

Dear World,

The reason why I created this blog a little over a year and a half ago, was to reach out to noob techies like myself and help others see how fun and accessible the world of DIY electronics really is.

My first post was about a project I started during my wee days in art school, involving a field of tiny delta robots that I would choreograph with my mind. This project was called Light Play.  The idea is big and at the time seamed like a dream… but I’ve come a long way since then and now have the skills, contacts, and tools necessary to make this nerdy girl’s fantasy a reality.

I’ve had a lot of delta robot content on this site over the past year. Since last March I’ve crawled my way from robots made of hangers and tupperware to a highly polished 3D printed beast, made with sleek curves and ball joints. I still have a long way to go before I produce the army I need for my installation, so I’ve decided to turn this design of mine into a product and launch it on Kickstarter as a kit for other DIY enthusiasts to build. This will help fund the installation and give me a bit of exposure.


Over all, I want to marry robotics and art (thus the name of the blog) here in my home town of Las Vegas, and help jump-start an era of self motivated makers who aren’t afraid to learn what they need to in order to make the things they’ve always dreamed.

If you want to know more details about my project, check out Light Play’s official site here : at

A lot is subject to change, but I hope to make the kickstarter live during Q1 of 2014. Tell your friends, and if you want to see a real mind controlled robot army, buy one of my kits or a sticker to support my cause.

Thank you for reading about my stuff for the past couple years <3 and wish me luck!



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  1. nice initiative

    mixing art and robot flocks…


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