SM Taco Time : E2

We learned a lot this time around (by making a gross amount of mistakes).

Among those things :

1. -how close we need to be sitting to one another for the sound to pick up well. Even with the snowball… it was like we filmed next to a jet engine. Should have tested that first!

2. -not to film the entire segment 3 times… because that gives you more to review and no one wants to look at their own face that much… except for maybe Mark.

3. We learned that improving our topic list is ok because the conversation flows more organically.

4. -adding in support footage after the fact usually works out better anyhow… and again, you have less clips to watch and sort through when editing.

5. We also learned that baking after drinking and filming a podcast is a horrible idea… you’ll ruin Mark’s kitchen and someone is bound to end up in a tarp.


That being said, enjoy the regularly scheduled broadcast of Taco Time! They’re getting better as we develop our style… =]

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