Reactor Goggles Featured in Student Film


I was at Robo Day two weeks ago where I was approached by independent film maker, Rick Barcode to have a pair of my goggles used as a prop in one of his short movies.

Now, normally I am an untrusting wretch who hordes her precious things away from any possible dangers, but lately my mantra has been “yes”, because cool things don’t happen if you keep saying no to people.

That being said, I was still hesitant about lending my babies to someone I didn’t know all that well. So, I agreed to let him use them under the condition that I tag along while he filmed. I figured It’d be a good opportunity to learn something new. Besides, it wasn’t like I was going to get drugging and featured in a snuff film or anything…?

It turned out that they were extremely cautious and respectful with my goggles. I quelled my nervous itch but also had a nice time witnessing Rick and his friends do their thing. I’m pleased to know I was able to aid in a student collaboration, and I can’t wait to see the project once it’s completed! More on this to come…


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