Delta Array : 3D Modeling

So, my friends at the local hackerspace have convinced me to have the parts for my deltas 3D printed rather than continuing to mod plastic spoons and hangers like some third world scavenger. What a novel concept!

Now that I have moved and gotten somewhat settled in, I had some time this weekend to play around with SketchUp. I took my 2D plans that I made in illustrator and built them up in 3D. I was surprised how simple this was once I stopped over thinking it. I’m sure these aren’t perfect yet, but I wont know until I’m holding the outcome in my hands.

For anyone who didn’t know these existed (like me until not too long ago) check out these relatively affordable 3D printers. They are completely amazing at what they do and have opened up a whole new realm of possibility for me: MAKERBOT

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  1. Awesome video! Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if I might get an image of the schematics for the pieces that you used in Sketchup? I’ve designed a 3D Editor that outputs the STL files for Printer Bots and I want to see if I can model the same parts in Artismo. Also, what software did you use to record the video? I have been looking for a software to do tutorials. Thanks for the Info.


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