Delta Array : Joints and End Effector

Today I went to a real hardware store. Not Home Depot and not a hobby shop… but a place that has isle upon isle of bits and pieces mysterious and unknown to me. It was here that I solved my connection conundrum… I found 2-56 size washers, nuts, screws, and threaded rods ftw. These are all the things I needed to get robot into one piece. I had everyone in the store on their toes, but I learned a bunch and saved money too. I win!

Connecting the servo paddles to the swivel ball joints: To do this I cut inch long pieces of threaded rod and pushed them through the ball end of the joints. I then used washers as spacers and put nuts on the ends to keep things from slipping around.

I created another ‘triangle’ from a plastic togo box and mounted my LED housing (little container plus lid) on top of it using plastic glue (not a mechanical connection, but oh well):

The rods sticking out are again threaded 2-56 and are about an inch long. I connected the 3 sets of arms to each of these:

I also added another tab to each motor so that they are mounted down a bit more securely.  I did improve my design from the last prototype (more precise measurements and tighter connections paid off) All and all this baby delta is strong and well aligned unlike its wonky cousin.

The next step is duplicating this process with the other two. I’m having a difficult time shelling out the 18 dollars it costs to busy a single 12-pack of joints… So I am hoping with a little luck that I’ll find a supplier online (that isn’t a hobby shop) where I can find them for a bit less. Tiny pieces of plastic should never be so expensive….ever.

Tomorrow I’ll wire the baby up and make it dance a little! =D Maybe even install the LED into the lens… we’ll see.



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