And so it begins

I suppose I should begin by introducing myself. Well, I am Sarah, a student from Las Vegas, Nevada with a long history in visual arts. For the past decade I’ve been sharpening my skills as a painter, digital illustrator, graphic artist, and sculptor from my beginning days in high school at the Las Vegas Academy of Performing and Visual Arts, all the way to the Art Institute of Chicago. It was in Chicago that I made the leap from the more tradition mediums to the realm of art technology and began thinking I was more of an engineer than just an artist or designer.

I don’t have much background in programming languages, circuit building, or metal fabrication, but I did pick up some basic skills in Chicago at SAIC in their Art Tech program. If I had stayed there it would have been to continue down that path. Even though I’m back in Las Vegas now on a break from the academic world, I will continue to make robots with the help of the internet and anyone I meet along the way with similar interests as me.

I will highlight my current projects and speak about my progress from the standpoint of a traditional artist/sculptor. In addition I will post links to relavent sites and blogs so that you can learn exactly what I’m learning as I stumble through all the steps needed to achieve my goal. Basically, this will be the blog for the noob in robotics… like myself.

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